the futuresense foundation overview of goal 10

  • Goal 10, Reduced Inequalities.

We work to reduce inequalities through the flow-on impacts from our health and education programs but also directly through our livelihoods, income generation and social enterprise programs. We believe in tackling inequalities in our communities through a variety of livelihood activities. In order to see a decrease in multi-dimensional poverty and an increase in overall livelihood and quality of life, we focus on developing social enterprises that tackle large issues like waste management or water sanitation as a form of income generation. These social enterprises also work toward other issues that plague many of the communities we work with and affect their overall quality of life.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 6.

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    Social enterprise program

    Working with coffee businesses to improve income generation opportunities.

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    Setting goals

    For our Global Livelihoods and Income Generation program where we will focus on youth employability and skill development alongside entrepreneurship opportunities.