the futuresense foundation overview of goal 1

  • Goal 1, No Poverty.

All of our programs at the FutureSense Foundation work towards the achievement of No Poverty. We take a holistic approach across our Health, Education, Livelihoods and Sustainability Programs to ensure we’re tackling poverty from a multi-dimensional perspective. We know that poverty isn’t just measured by income and that new indicators of multi-dimensional poverty look at a range of factors that an individual might experience. In order to work towards reducing poverty, as well as the multiple dimensions that support various levels of overall poverty, we believe in tackling inequalities in our communities through a variety of activities.

Our Programs in Relation to Goal 1

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    Engaging volunteers

    In sessions about global citizenship and sustainable development to ensure their impact doesn’t stop when they get home.

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    A holistic approach

    Taken in reducing poverty through Health, Education, Social Enterprise and Environmental programs.